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Emma Longthorne et Mark Burghagen

Après avoir joué des pièces pour les plus jeunes, ils ont ré-intégré la troupe du White Horse Theatre pour jouer des pièces pour les adolescents et les adultes.


WHTF: Can you tell us about your previous experience working for WHT?

E&M: We both started working for the company’s primary school tour in January 2012. We performed two shows called ‘Taradiddle’ and ‘Lizzie and the Pirate’ which toured for six months. Both shows were written for two actors, in simple English for children between the ages  of 6-11. 

WHTF: What was it like to perform in front of an audience of children for the first time? Did they react the way you expected?

E&M: Since neither of us had previous experience in theatre in education we had no preconception of the response of the children. We found that the reactions of an adult audience during our public dress rehearsals were very different to the reactions we got from the children during our first week on the road. The children, however, really loved all the visual elements of the shows which greatly aided their comprehension of the stories. On the whole, the children reacted in the ways we expected them to. 

WHTF: Have the plays or the way you played evolved between the beginning and end of the tour?

E&M: Throughout the tour our confidence as performers grew steadily. As actors, we felt we became vocally and physically more versatile. Although the action and blocking itself did not change during the tour, the characters evolved and became more vibrant.

WHTFWhat is your best memory?

E&M: After one of our performances of’ Lizzie and the Pirate,’ a little girl came back to us after the show to ask for our autographs. She was on her own and very shy. But after we gave her our signatures and had a chat with her she all of a sudden ran out of the gym, and as she did so jumped with glee! Experiences like this showed us how much the children appreciated the performances.

WHTF: What is the most difficult aspect of being on a tour?

E&M: The travelling can be very tough, especially towards the end of the tour. Moving accommodations regularly and spending many hours on the road, often in traffic jams can be very tiring!

WHTF: What made you decide to apply to be a part of this year’s tour?

E&M: The experience we gained during the six months was invaluable and the memories we gained will stay with us for a long time. White Horse Theatre is very professional and supportive and it continues to be a pleasure to work for the company. As actors, we also wanted to gain experience performing for a different age group.

WHTF: In what way is it different to perform in a group of 4 instead of a group of 2 like your previous experience? 

E&M: As we are still in the rehearsals process of the new season, it is difficult to tell at this stage what the differences are going to be. But it has already become apparent to us that the work load is slightly lifted with  a company of 4 actors rather than 2. This is not just in terms of acting, but in logistic job distribution and concerning technical elements of the shows.  

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