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Kate Winter, Roberta Mair, Joseph Emms et Michael Skellern


Ils sont passés par la France en 2013 et ont répondu à nos questions







WHTF:  Can you tell us about working with two different directors?


KRMJ: Working with two directors was quite easy because there were always two people that you could turn to when you needed help with regards to movements or ideas, and the more people who have an opinion about the direction of a scene or the play as a whole, the more ideas the actors have to work with.


WHTF:  Do you notice any difference between the various audiences you play for? If you do, is it because of their age, or the play you perform for them or even the place you play in?


KRMJ:One of the best things about this tour is the various responses we have to plays. The blessing of theatre is that no performance is ever the same, and everything affects the performance, the age of the audience, the space, the time of day, the mood of the audience. Our job is to work with all of those things and tell the best story we possibly can.


WHTF: The company can perform on all kind of stages and venuas. How do you adapt to each?


KRMJ:You just kind of go for it. We’re very familiar with the plays now and can very easily change elements without disrupting the scene. Smaller stages mean that things like fight scenes are slowed down and more controlled, and the movement of set or props are discussed and worked out before the show so that everyone knows what will happen.


WHTF:  What is the role your prefer? Why?


Kate: I enjoy all my roles because they are all different and challenging, but if I had to choose one it would be Alison from Look Back In Anger.


Roberta: Helena in Look Back In Anger. I love how different she is each time I play her. She has a lot of depth to her character.


Michael: Jimmy Porter in Look Back In Anger. He’s a very complex character.


Joseph: I like Robin Hood because he’s strong, I get to fight, I get to fall over and I’ve always liked Robin Hood since I was a kid. He was a role model as I was growing up.


WHTF:  When you perform different plays on the same day, how do you prepare to embody such different characters – and even in the same play with Dreaming in English for Kate and Michael?


KRMJ: It gets very easy because you know how much energy you need to spend on each play and how much you need to save for the next ones. We get into a rhythm by approaching each day this way and it has tested and strengthened our skills. In rehearsals and before shows we do warm ups, think about how they walk, how they speak, what they would do in any situation so that we can switch very quickly between characters when we need to.


WHTFDo you sometimes feel it difficult to communicate with the audience as they are non-native speakers?


It is difficult but one of the good things about performing in this type of theatre is that it forces us to communicate the meaning of the words in a fuller way in order for the audience to understand the meaning even if the words themselves are difficult to understand. We are forced to work with intonation and physicality to provide further clarity to the meaning of the words, which is a very useful skill to have in theatre.


WHTF: What is your favourite line from the plays?


Roberta: “My ironing board!” Helena from Look Back In Anger


Kate: “Hey, you there! is that gun loaded?” Sarah Snapshot from Dreaming In English


Joseph: “I think I might go and pick up a nice, pleasant little tart from a milk bar” Cliff from Look Back In Anger


Michael: “And if marrying Marian makes me merry, I’ll marry Marian today!” Sheriff from Maid Marian


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