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 vidéo : cliquez ici

WHT France :     The topic seems serious but it’s light at the same time.


Achim:                  Well, the facts are drastic, I’d say,  what the play is about, but still they’re still humans, so the lightness comes through their being human. Like if you are in grief, you’re not sad all the time.  You need the relief of happiness.  So we tried to give this picture of humanity and the craziness also of it. In this tragic story we’re also looking for comic, comedian sides.

Alessandro:        I guess the comedy is actually coming  out of Marie’s character, in a way because she’s so lost in her own world that she doesn’t really realise what she does with the other characters. The dialogue between her and her mother, it’s like two worlds collide and that, kind of brings out the humour, I think.

Marie (répond en allemand, Alessandro traduit): This daughter-mother relationship is a very, very particular relationship. It has a certain kind of fun, a kind of humour, the way they interact with each other. That makes it very light and entertaining even though it’s very heavy. 

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